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I would like to say that congratulation for all PEP students, particularly PEP 1 who passed this course successfully. I hope everyone to be comfortable after this course.
GOOD LUCK for all of you in the step in your studied life.


The weeks that I spent them in PEP course were very important for me because I have gained and improved different skills effectively such as listening, note taking through the listening and I have become more familiar with university’s environment. Therefore, it is vital to highlight on some problems that I encountered during last three weeks, especially with IRP which was a big challenge for me. In this blog, I am going to reflect the difficulties and the plan to eliminate these difficulties. In addition to this, I will present my plan for future to avoid the mistakes during this course.
In term of IRP, I have obtained variety of benefits such as how I collect reliable sources, how I deal with library’s stuff and how I take notes from the resources as well as I have learnt new vocabularies which are relative with my subject in university. On the other hand, I encountered some problems with IRP which were topic of IRP and the information that I should collect it from sources. As you know, the topic should be specific as much as possible and easy to understand for audience. In other words, the topic neither should be more general nor more specific. This problem happened because it was first time to write this kind of research. Basically, I had experiences to fulfill tow researchers, but the style of them is more different than in Australia and they wrote them in Arabic language. Therefore, I asked some questions for students who are early leaver about structure and kind of topic that I should choose it. All these happened during last holiday because I tried to start with IRP early. After end of holiday, the image became clear because our teacher explained every points regarding to IRP, and the subject became more clearly after the consultation which was about the topic. In addition to this, I put schedule to achieve this mission on time and I located one to two hours per day just for IRP, I found that very useful for me and allow to me read more resources and provide me a good opportunity to manage the time. This gave me a chance to check this assignment many times.
Next time, I will attempt reading more about my topic because I have found a lot of interesting information, and I want to recognize more about my subject especially in English language. Moreover, I not only want to get pass in this course, but I need to focus on how to obtain academic skills and how to be independent learner, I will also continue to monitor myself even when I start studying my discipline.

The last fourteen weeks in PEP course were very significant for me, because I obtained effective skills such as writing and note taking skills. Furthermore, I eliminated time management, note taking through listening and structure of writing essay by following different steps which I illustrated in last blogs. Thus, it is important to highlight on my plan regarding to my problem that I still encounter. In this blog, I am going to reflect my plan about writing essay and I will present my new plan for further improvement in this important part of language.
In term of writing essay, I should do critical thinking and read for purpose. Last five week, I wrote discussion essay that was new mission for me, therefore I made some mistakes. However, I corrected all my mistakes after I obtained teacher’s feedback that was very useful for me. In this five week, I achieved exposition essay which also was new assignment for me. Unfortunately, I made some wrongs although I read more than four articles effectively. The reason was that I did not analyse the questions carefully. Moreover, I wanted to finish early which not always good method to fulfill the works because it is vital to take time to analyse the topic and put plan and brainstorm before beginning writing. Furthermore, I still use Essential of English to improve my Writing skills.
After I got teacher’s feedback, I discovered that I should mention to education process more that students’ achievements. In this time, I should be more seriously with topic to avoid these problems. Therefore, I spent two days to fulfill and correct my mistakes which made me very tired and frustrated sometimes.
Next time, I will be more accurate particularly with the topic that I want to write about. In addition to this, I will try to find someone who can check my work before I submit it, especially with IRP.
Ultimately, I would like to say that the most important for me not only to pass this course, but how I can improve my skills effectively and how I can be independent researcher because this is very necessary in university. Also, I will remain following all beneficial steps that I learned them in this course even in university.

change plan to do best

Last week, after I eliminated from the last problem which was time management through the exam by following different steps that I explained them last blog, I encountered a new event that made me so surprising. The event was my feedback and the result of case study; it was so hard for me which forced me to think about changing my plan that I followed it to complete this assignment because of some mistakes. These mistakes consisted of First; I did not fulfill this work effectively, in other words, I should be deeper to provide the information. Second, I did not give specific details about this situation. Although, l spent long time among collecting the resources, editing and proofreading many times, the comments of assessor was very hard for me. Therefore, I directly put new plan including, first I should read the questions and analyse carefully. Second, I must be very deep about answering these questions and avoid to description and explanation generally. Third, I should read more and more about a topic that I want to do it and choose the important and appropriated point in this topic. Fourth, I should avoid writing my opinion and focus on information with reliable evidence. Finally, I must check all contents of assignment such as references, cover sheet, appendixes and all documents of assignment before I submit it.
I will follow these steps also with all my assignments especially; IRP to avoid all my mistakes that I did them last time because I am starting to collect and take notes about IRP and might I will begin to write draft gradually . Furthermore, I will deal with teacher’s comments seriously during my processes to complete next assignment.

The last ten weeks in PEP course, I have faced many problems. Step by step, I could deal with most of them effectively by following different steps. For example, the last trouble was discussion essay and how can write this essay with more accurate. Therefore, I follow many steps to fix this problem. They were various from reading the chapter about essay in Essential of English to get some benefit information of Myuni and I have taken also my teacher’s advice seriously during the consultation. All these steps helped me to become familiar with essay writing.

However, I have some difficulties to organise my time during the test. This problem happens to me even in some practice inside the class and I feel uncomfortable and confused. Furthermore, I spend a long time on skimming and scanning. As consequence that is losing the time during the exam.  After I found this problem I directly put a plan to eliminate this problem. First, I have done some activities outside the class with keeping the time. Second, I have done some practices on skim and scan and how should I choose the important words to understand the topic. Third, I have forced myself to give limited time for each section of test (skim, scan, comprehension, note taking and writing the summary). Unfortunately, I still confuse during the exam that make me lose both the time and doing well.

The next time, I intend to start achieving Independent Research Paper (IRP) early that will give me a good opportunity for proofreading, editing and revising my work.

writing essay

Day by day, I have discovered new things in PEP Program, and I have fixed my problems that I have faced during this course. Furthermore, I have followed different steps to solve these problems and to overcome some difficulties. Also, some of classmates’ comments and my teacher advices are very useful to improve my skills. For example, I faced difficulty three weeks ago with summary and note taking, and I could fix this problem by following many steps. First, I always select some subject from the internet, sometimes listening and another reading and I have attempted to write down the important points of these reports. Hence, I begin to write the summary depend on the notes taking, I found this method being very benefit. Second, I have some favorite sites on the internet where the various subjects such as and .
However, I faced problem with write discussion essay this last week new although I had experience to do kind of essay last year, also I did a lot of practice before I did IELTS exam, but the essay that I completed its draft last week was very accurate; it required specific information to achieve it effectively. Style of this essay is different than essay in IELTS because this kind of essay needs to be more accurate with information which is collected. Furthermore, it needs to divide your work to many parts. For example, the introduction should include background, issue, thesis and scope by order. Also, it needs to be very specific with body paragraphs, especially with topic sentences and it is necessary to keep the paragraph in one idea and avoid to put new idea in same paragraph. This was a big challenge during last week until now. I have followed many steps to fitful the essay, but I still need more tips from my classmates regarding to this issue. My strategy is as following, first I read chapter about essay in essential of writing book. Second, I used some sites about writing essay such as However, I had confuse about analyses this essay to choose what is the point which I should focus into, but I was more comfortable after my teacher explain and gave me some example of essays. Unfortunately, I found a lot of mistakes in my essay after I obtained the feedback, therefore I should be more and more accurate with stricture of essay and I should follow the academic essay steps.
In the next time, I will analysis the topic accuracy and share my idea with my classmates; also I will avoid writing the IELTS essay style.
If you have another ways to improve writing essay, please give me your advice. I will be appreciated your effort.

Summary and Paraphrase

When I found out my problem which was listening and take notes. I directly put a plan to rid from this trouble. My action included many steps after I got the comment from my classmates. First, I allocated two hours every day to listen and take notes. However, I some time just listen by MP3 player because I decided to upload some reports in it. Besides, I have forced myself to do this exercise even in midnight when I do not have time during the day. Second, I have found some sites relate with listening that included a lot of reports and issues such as www. Behind the and Third, I followed the steps of listening that consist of listening without show the transcript and note taking, then listening within the transcript. Now, I feel better than last time. Furthermore, I invested the last weekend to focus about this part to achieve it and move to another part of English skills.
According to the new problems that I have had since last week that it are summary and paraphrase, then use my own words to write this summary especially when I did the exam. Furthermore, how I can interpret and understand whole words of article and write different style of summary. The reason of these problems was that I do not read a lot of articles of journals and do summary in my own words. Now, I always pick up the newspaper from campus of university of Adelaide or select a report from online and I choose short topic or issue. Then I try to write summary as paraphrase by my own words and making different structure. Eventually, I show this summary on tutor who is in State library to check it. On Monday, I did a summary about tourists and I intended to show it to my teacher Dived, but unfortunately my teacher was sick. The process of do summary always takes maximum 30 minutes. At these moments, I feel improving my writing and summary, also I have got a lot of vocabularies of different fields.
The next time, I will choose a long topic to do a summary; also I will focus about one subject each week such as economic, sport and policy.
To conclude, I would like to say that thank you for your time to read my problems. I am looking to hearing you advices and experiences with these types of troubles. I will be appreciated your efforts.

problem and difficulties

I am writing to show you my problems that I had them in last days in this week. I hope you help me as you can to solve them.
To begin with first problem, time management is a big challenge for me until I put the schedule to manage my time which unfortunately, I can not follow it and sometime I spend a long time more than what I plan. Second problem that I faced in last days was academic poster that I did it last day, especially when I received the message from my teacher include that I should change my poster subject because this is a topic not an issue. In this time, I awarded that I did not have enough time to complete it on time. Also, my classmate is so far to get and the internet in my house was very slow, therefore, I was forced to go to the library to do this assignment and the library is so far from my house. As a result, I did not do any other activities that I need such as listening and reading some report from BTN that is my favourite site that I was always spend a benefit and a good time with, but in the last days in this week I did not use it all these days. Also, I discovered that I should discuss and make sure for any subject I will do it. For example, I must ask my teacher about everything before I start to do it. So, some time friends’ opinion gives me some explanation. Third problem that I got it last week was with listening and not taking. I am very worried especially when I want to do test, I understand most words that I hear, but when I want to write the notes I do not know what point I should focus about because there are many years or many places I tried to write all these information but, as you know the time not enough to write all of them. I want to know how I can get and organize the information actively.
According to time management, I wait to meet my teacher to give me his advice. From academic poster, I have learned a good lesson that I should start very early to choose and collect everything relative with my topic. Also, I obtain a great experience that how and where I can do academic poster. Furthermore, I identify on my weakness points with this process. I hope to be better next time and I will avoid all the difficulties that I faced.
Thank you to give your time to read my problems, I am looking to hearing you advice as you can .

reading and writing

I have reached the third week of this course during this week I have had more challenges which are increased day by day to build my skills gradually. Examples of these challenges are writing and reading, especially in test I did it on Tuesday. The bigger challenge that I have faced during this test was how to find the synonym of words to write the summary in my own words.
There are two main reasons of why this problem was happened. Firstly, I have saved the words without taking care or look to other words in same meaning to describe the situation. Secondly, I always try to keep a single word alone in my mind without looking at its synonym.
I think it is a good thing to keep in my mind the words with their synonyms simultaneously. By doing so, it will help me to make a summary or any kind of writing or take notes when I will be at listening situation to a specific topic. For example, if I will have a wide range of vocabularies especially with more synonyms, I will be able to find the synonym of words easily that will help me to write and take notes in your own words.
I am looking to hearing from someone who has a good experience to treat with this kind of problem. I will be appreciable your effort.

my exprience and the problems

I have started studying English language since March last year with different program, it is called “GEAP” that is more different than PEP program. Before I started with PEP course, someone who was in this course said that this course will be very difficult and the teacher in class will not give you any chance either to ask him or explain anything to you.
When I started this course one week ago, I was discovering new things that are more different than what my friend said. The teacher very collaboration and he always show us on the best way to discuss, but in this course, you should depend on yourself more than Your teacher because at university will see like this strategic. This course enables the student To connect each other and work as group that is better than individual.
All events in last week were very interesting, but in same time were difficult because this was first week and I saw different learning style.
Now, I would like to tell you my problem that I still have it until this moment, I cannot arrange my time to study, other word I have problem with my time management. Also I have big problem with spelling. Please, I looking to hearing from someone who has a Best way and good solution to these problems.
Best wishes from Jawad,